RB and Associates, formerly known as STBB Consulting, was established in 2007 as a dynamic specialist legal consultancy that undertakes investigations, evaluations and analyses related to policy planning and development, socio-economic research and strategic planning. RB and Associates has also developed a pro-active and dynamic legal advisory service which is aimed at enabling the performance of our clients business in a legally compliant manner.

Our business model is essentially premised on rendering an advisory service which enables organisations to operate in a compliant and performance driven environment.

Our advisory services are structured around operational performance enhancement, key turn-around strategies, and the development and implementation of a compliant and regulatory environment. 

We also render advisory services in the following areas:

  • The South African regulatory environment for foreign companies considering to invest or establish operations.
  • Establishment and PFMA listing of public entities.
  • Establishment of municipal entities.
  • Mergers and acquisitions of public entities.
  • The development of Business Cases informing government policy, including the development of Green and White Papers.
  • Drafting and development of Strategic Plans, including Annual Performance Plans and Operational Plans for public entities.
  • Drafting of provincial legislation, including amendments to existing legislation.
  • Drafting and development of operational policies such as Human Resources, Supply Chain and Policies required in terms of the Protocols on Corporate Governance.

We render legal advisory services to our clients including the design and establishment of optimal institutional arrangements to suit client specific needs. We develop contracts from regulating the relationship between the entity and its shareholder, to service level agreements. Our services are essentially designed to be pro-active, ensuring that our clients make informed decisions within the relevant legal environment.

Specific services include:

  • Advice on labour matters, including organisational structuring, organisational design and development, balanced scorecard, and institutional performance management, conducting disciplinary enquiries and settlement negotiations and agreements.
  • Development of institutional models such as a functional institutional framework for projects in rural areas, considering implications relating to tax, beneficiation, fiduciary responsibilities, reporting and governance, and essentially a structure which enable the efficient implementation of a specific project or business.
  • Drafting of commercial contracts.
  • Advice on procurement, including the mitigation of risk and advise on specific areas of non-compliance.
  • Rendering of legal opinions on matters relating to commercial transactions, governance and compliance.
  • Advice on the operation and implementation of Public Private Partnerships.
  • Advice on the legal and compliance framework within which departments and public entities operate.
  • Advice on the application of the PFMA and related legislation.

We have dedicated services specifically aligned to the management and prevention of risks associated with compliance and governance. In this regard, we specialise in matters relating to the Public Finance Management Act (PFMA), the Municipal Finance Management Act (MFMA), relevant regulations and directives issued by National Treasury and the Companies Act, 2008, which a specific focus on:

  • The procurement of goods and services in a compliant and efficient manner.
  • Reporting and accountability.
  • Monitoring and evaluation practices.
  • Attending to audit qualifications.
  • Attending to discipline arising from supply chain.

We work with companies experiencing complex and volatile relations with unions, to provide specialist advice and service in the establishment of performance based union management relationships.

We assist with the development of a unique Model designed to optimise the performance of individuals and teams in achieving the organisation’s strategic goals. Assessments reveal that the culture of companies is often characterised by low morale, organisational instability, conflictual relationships between management and unions, poor communication and in particular a lack of competence at all levels of the organisation to implement a successful employee relations strategy.

The aim of the Operating Model is to build a relationship of trust, mutual respect and cooperation between management and employees, to ensure a high performance, team based culture where individuals and teams are recognised and rewarded for excellent performance.

The key tenets of the Operating Model include:

  • Effective two way communication
  • Promotion of team work
  • Accountability and responsibility for performance
  • Relevant, reliable, accessible and timeous information
  • Efficient problem solving and quick resolution of issues
  • Team members understanding of their role and responsibility
  • Team members empowered to fulfill their role
  • Development of critical leadership skills
  • Coaching and mentoring

We undertake social, economic, technical and administrative research activities according to client specifications and deliver reports that present findings with conclusions and recommendations, where necessary or relevant. We also engage in dedicated background research to provide a detailed contextual understanding regarding particular developments, events, procedures and circumstances.  

Research undertaken in association with projects and assignments include investigations and assessments that involved: 

  • Industrial Development Zone policy
  • Agrarian transformation
  • Rural development
  • Beneficiation value chains
  • Agro-processing
  • Industrial development
  • Biofuel developments
  • Policy analyses and reviews
  • Industrial clusters
  • Investment and employment generation
  • Renewable energy prospects
  • Strategic and performance planning
  • Business case formulation
  • Review of public entity functions

Where specific research skills are not available internally, we undertake to secure external services to meet client requirements.

Our company has at its core interest, the creation of financial independence and wealth for our clients. RB Finance offers two broad streams of financial advisory services: Personal Wealth Management and Business Development Services.

In our experience, income generated by companies is not efficiently applied to the benefit of the shareholders.  Integral to business success is the beneficial structuring of personal finances to optimally benefit the shareholder and create wealth. Our team of experts advises clients on financial management advice, tax planning and compliance, and estate assessment. Our extensive experience in providing company secretarial services, allows us to provide the necessary support to companies to ensure their compliance to the 2008 Companies Act and advise on fiduciary roles and responsibilities of directors.

RB Finance is equipped with theskills necessary to guide any business in their strategic approach or turnaround strategy.  We have extending experience in due diligence and business case development, the compilation of funding applications for submission to relevant lending institutions and government funded organizations , as well as financial risk assessments. Our approach is simply to evaluate the financial risks of the business and recommend and assist with implementation of simple, practical solutions to mitigate identified risks.